Our Apparel!

We offer adventure-specific apparel which is only offered for a few months before that adventure, then they are gone!

We also offer non-adventure specific apparel, which is always offered!

Our selections range from men's t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts, to women's t-shirts and women's boyfriend t-shirts.

We are ambassadors for Sleefs.com, so use our discount code "WMA40" for 40% off your entire order!

Non-Adventure Specific
Sleefs.com - Promo Code: WMA40
Use Promo Code: WMA40 for 40% off your total order!
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Our Books!

Here are links to all of our published books thus far! During each adventure, we try and make it a point to keep a daily journal. Once we are back home from our adventures, we compile our journals into a book and then publish it for everyone to read! Quite often there are funny, scary, and humorous events that take place when the cameras aren't rolling, so we do our best to capture those moments in our journals for everyone to read! We also try and write books that we think may benefit others, whether it is learning how to ride or other motorcycle related topics!

Canada and East Coast Loop - 2017
Camping Out West - 2016
How to Become a Motorcyclist
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