About Us

Winkler Motorcycle Adventures is a father and son team! We have been exploring North America on motorcycles for as long as we can remember. Each year, we try to pick a different destination to ride to, and each year we end up on a wild adventure!

In the off season of motorcycling here in Wisconsin, we try to help educate fellow riders as well as keep up to date on the latest and greatest motorcycles and related technology!

We mainly use our Facebook page to post all of our pictures, motorcycle and equipment reviews, and updates when we are on our trips!

Our YouTube channel is where we post our videos from the trips, educational videos, and any other related motorcycle videos we may take!

Our Instagram account is used to post a few pictures throughout our adventures that we find the most fascinating!

Meet the Team!

Alan Winkler

Road Master/Planner

I first got into riding because I grew up around motorcycles. My father had always had them, even though we didn't always have the time to go for motorcycle rides. After I had turned 18, I purchased my first motorcycle, and that's when the fun began!

Since then, I have been riding any and all days that I possibly can. I enjoy the two lane back road twisties and getting out in the country away from traffic. Motorcycling has really become my stress reliever.

I always look forward to our yearly motorcycle trips, because we always end up on some sort of wild adventure! There's always something new and exciting happening!

My main tasks are being the Road Master, picking the stops, making sure everyone is good to go, and planning the routes.

Dakota Winkler

Promoter/Social Media

The motorcycle passion first started for me when I was very young. My father would put me on the back of his motorcycle, and we would go on motorcycle trips big and small! I was hooked right from the start!

A few weeks after I turned 16, I took the motorcycle basics course, and I got my motorcycle endorsement. It was maybe a week after that when we were down in Illinois on my first solo ride.

Since then, we have realized that what we are doing is something not quite normal for most people. There are many people who see motorcycling as dangerous, and there are many motorcyclists who are in complete disbelief when we tell them how many miles we put on during a trip or how long our trips go. We have since started videoing, doing journals, and promoting our trips to show people that motorcycles can be part of a grand adventure if ridden safely!

My main tasks are doing everything from taking the videos to editing them, updating the social media, and being the official snack packer!

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